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Northcliff Sunset

Stunning Northcliff Sunset with Soweto Smoke on the Horizon

Capturing a beautiful Northcliff sunset with smoke billowing from Soweto across the horizon. This was the last shoot of winter...

Jaguar Land Rover Experience

High Speed Luxury at the Jaguar Land Rover Experience

If you have the need for speed then this shoot from the Jaguar Land Rover Experience is a must see....

Classic Cars

Beautiful Classic Cars at 27 Boxes in Melville

Wipe away your drool and start your engines as you feast your eyes on beautiful classic cars. Lets see all...

Chinese New Year 2019

Street Photography in Cyrildene at Chinese New Year 2019 – Year of the Pig

Another year and off I go to Chinese New Year 2019. This was the year of the Pig festival in...

Most Expensive Photos Sold at Auction

Top 10 Most Expensive Photos Sold at Auction

Can you guess the most expensive photos ever sold at auction? While us photographers know it can be an expensive...

Sandton Night Lights

Capturing Sandton’s Night Lights Illuminating Africa’s Richest Square Mile

Come and explore Africa’s richest mile as we capture Sandton’s night lights on display in the ever growing neighbourhood.

Fashion Photo Shoot Cover

Fashion Photoshoot Fun with Canon South Africa

See what happened at the fashion photoshoot organized by the folks at Canon South Africa. The afternoon workshop featured models,...

Chinese New Year 2017 Rooster

Twice the Fun at Chinese New Year 2017 for Year of the Rooster

It was Chinese New Year 2017 in Joburg and this year I did double the work visiting both First China...

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