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Sandton Night Lights

Capturing Sandton’s Night Lights Illuminating Africa’s Richest Square Mile

Come and explore Africa’s richest mile as we capture Sandton’s night lights on display in the ever growing neighbourhood.

Fashion Photo Shoot Cover

Fashion Photo Shoot Fun with Canon South Africa

See what happened at the fashion photo shoot organized by the folks at Canon South Africa. The afternoon workshop featured...

Chinese New Year 2017 Rooster

Twice the Fun at Chinese New Year 2017 for Year of the Rooster

It was Chinese New Year 2017 in Joburg and this year I did double the work visiting both First China...

Strange Flowers with Light Painting

Growing Strange Flowers in the Dark with Light Painting

See how Finland based artist Hannu Huhtamo created fantastical and strange flowers using light painting. Hannu shows that when the...

Photography for Beginners Tutorial 3 Part Series

This Photography for Beginners Tutorial is for anyone interested in photography. Photography is all about light and once you learn...

Aperture - Beginners Tutorial

Aperture – Part 1 of the Photography for Beginners Tutorial

The aperture is my go to setting when I want to take control. As a member of the fundamental light...

Shutter Speed – Part 2 of the Photography for Beginners Tutorial

The shutter speed is the second of the fundamental light controls as it is the next phase light passes through on...

ISO – Part 3 of the Photography for Beginners Tutorial

The ISO is the last of the fundamental light controls you’ll need to know before you can claim to be...