World Wide Photo Walk 2016 at Nelson Mandela Bridge

Silhouette on Nelson Mandela Bridge

The World Wide Photo Walk 2016 saw photographers from around the world hit the streets. This year I decided to host my very first photo walk and lead a group of 50 photographers through the streets of Johannesburg from 1 Fox to Nelson Mandela Bridge. Meet Up at 1 Fox…

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Reclaiming Johannesburg’s Art District

Security Guard Daydreaming

Arts on Main was the starting point for our walk that explored local art galleries in Johannesburg’s Art district. The photowalk would take us to newly renovated buildings housing small shops, art galleries and more. Arts on Main We started off on Fox street at Arts on Main under the…

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Twilight at the Biggest Mosque in the South

Nizamiye Turkish Masjid Sunset

On a lazy Sunday afternoon with winter approaching we headed back to Midrand to explore Eastern Temples. The photowalk took us to the Madhya Kailash Temple and the Nizamiye Turkish Masjid which were conveniently located right next door to each other. Madhya Kailash Temple We began the photowalk with a…

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Fire Breathers and Dancers Set the Night Ablaze

Engulfed in Fire

A team of fire breathers and dancers warmed a chilly Saturday night on the verge of winter keeping the members of the Joburg Photowalkers mesmerized with displays of control over the deadly primal element. Fire Performance The show kicked off with fire being passed between torches by hand which was…

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Street Photography in the Johannesburg CBD

Fire Breather

The annual #WWIM13 Instawalk took place in the Joburg CBD starting at 1 Fox and heading down towards Gandhi Square where Killer Clowns and Fire Breathers awaited our arrival. 1 Fox Instagrammer’s descended on 1 Fox on Sunday afternoon meeting at 16:00 outside the bar where the route and rules…

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Exploring Rosebank’s Heritage Sites

Picture frames

Rosebank Photowalk Start & Rooftop Market The Rosebank Photowalk organized by Kameraz saw a lazy Sunday afternoon tour of the neighbourhood from the hustle and bustle of the markets to the old workhorse fire station. Starting off at the Rooftop Market located above the Rosebank Mall we wondered through the busy…

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Chinese New Year 2016 – Year of the Monkey

Chinese Lanterns

It’s that time of year again when the Chinese New Year lights up the night sky with a volley of fireworks heard far and wide. This year I set off to Old China Town in the Johannesburg CBD with the roads closed off a police presence adding a feeling of…

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Interior Design Shoot of Renovated Melville Home

Kitchen & Living Room

Interior Design Photo Shoot Assignment This interior design photo shoot was for Afroglam Interior Design & Project Management based in Johannesburg, South Africa who have just completed a residential project converting a classic Melville property into an open plan modern family home. The objective was to capture the open layout…

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Chinese New Year 2015 – Year of the Goat

Dragon Dancers

The normally bright and colourful Chinese New Year 2015, or year of the Goat, event had to contend with the weather this time around as rain made for a moody and subdued photowalk. Even with the heavens opening up people made the best of the situation with some seeking shelter…

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