Photography for Beginners Tutorial 3 Part Series

This Photography for Beginners Tutorial is for anyone interested in photography. Photography is all about light and once you learn to control it you’ll be on your way to becoming a photographer. In this 3 part series I’ll take you through the 3 fundamental light controls.

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Lightroom Geotagging is Easier than You Think

Geotagging with Lightroom Tutorial

Lightroom makes Geotagging quick and easy and this tutorial will have you up and running in no time at all. Why would you want to geotag your photos? Well, the ability to add extra information to your photo’s like GPS data can be extremely helpful when managing large collections of photos.

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HDR Tutorial from Visiting Derelict Buildings

HDR Editing Tutorial

In this HDR tutorial I’ll take you through the process of creating HDR photo’s from a recent visit to a derelict building. This photography tutorial will take you through the photography process explaining various techniques and software. 

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