Street Photography at the Johannesburg Instawalk

It was time for street photography at this years annual #WWIM13 Instawalk which took place in the Joburg CBD. We started at 1 Fox and headed down towards Gandhi Square where Killer Clowns and Firebreathers awaited our arrival.

Old Building Windows

Old apartment block windows in symmetry

For this walk I met up with a friend who wanted to see what happens at these events. It wasn’t long before people started arriving for the photowalk.

Meeting at 1 Fox

Sunday afternoon saw Instagrammer’s descending on 1 Fox meeting at 16:00 outside the bar. There the route and rules were discussed before hitting the streets. The walk was a straight path to our destination but with buildings old and new towering either side we lost photographers captivated by the surrounds.

Mixed Glass and Stone

Beautiful texture combination of glass and stone

The walk had attracted a mix of characters, mainly young and curious. Friends had tagged along and acted as models posing in doorways and alleyways. We meandered past bustling restaurants and curious security guards watching us pass.

Gandhi Square

We reached our final destination at around 17:30 where eager photographers dispersed to take in the sights. Entertainment led to photographic opportunities as killer clowns dragged young ladies down the street by their hair and fire breathers lit up the dusk sky.

Firebreather at the Instawalk

A firebreather blowing flames into the air

Instawalk Video

Check out the video below of all the fun and excitement from the Instawalk above. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and never miss another event.

Instagram Photo Shoot

As usual my trusty Canon 5D MKII with the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 was by my side the entire way due to it’s flexibility. I found myself playing with the aperture mainly opening is wider as we went but keeping the shutter speed up. With the constant walking motion blur would be a problem. The 5D’s full frame sensor and high ISO capabilities came in handy as the afternoon light decayed. With little light available a wide aperture and high ISO were my saving grace. If it weren’t for quality equipment I would be out of luck.

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