Photography for Beginners Tutorial 3 Part Series

This Photography for Beginners Tutorial is for anyone interested in photography. Photography is all about light and once you learn to control it you’ll be on your way to becoming a photographer. In this 3 part series I’ll take you through the 3 fundamental light controls.

What You’ll Learn in Photography for Beginners

Each part of this Photography for Beginners Tutorial series will focus on a fundamental control that you will find in any and all DSLR’s. This tutorial will work with any brand of camera from Canon and Nikon to Sony and Pentax.

In fact you don’t even need a DSLR. You can even find some compact cameras give you access to these same controls making getting started cheaper and easier. The only 3 lighting controls you need to know are aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

These 3 controls make up what I refer to as the fundamental light controls. Each one is used to control light and each has a different impact on your photos depending on their usage. Just follow the links below and get started on your path to becoming a real photographer.

Part 1 – Aperture

The first fundamental light control we’ll look at is the aperture. The aperture control is lights first obstacle and my favourite control to play with. Because of the effects it creates and the overall impact it has on your photos you’ll find yourself gravitating towards this control as much as I do.

Part 2 – Shutter Speed

Next we’ll look at the shutter speed which is lights second obstacle to creating a photo. It’s an easy enough control to understand but one that can cause problems if you don’t use it properly.

Part 3 – ISO

The last of the fundamental light controls is the ISO which is lights last point of contact. Over time as camera manufacturers improve and technology advances it has become less of a contentious issue.

Finally, once you understand the 3 fundamentals outlined above you’ll be on your way to being a real photographer.

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