Interior Design Photo Shoot of a Renovated Melville Home

This interior design photo shoot was for Afroglam Interior Design & Project Management. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa they had just completed a residential project in Melville.

Kitchen & Living Room

The Kitchen & Living Room in one big open space

Inside the classic Melville property was a newly converted open plan modern family home. My objective was to capture the open layout and showcase the bright living areas and classic features.

Interior Design Features

Located on the slopes of Melville Koppies the house featured traditional crown molding ceilings. Throughout there was solid wood flooring requiring a wide angle setup to capture both when shooting.


A comfy modern kitchen

Walls had been knocked through to open up the space and join the living room and kitchen. Because of this it made for a more family friendly home allowing light to flood the area. Wood flooring lead the way into the three bedrooms with the master suite accessing a modern ensuite. Each bathroom had been updated with modern finishes and generously sized tiles matching the shared bathroom.


Outside courtyard designed for minimum fuss

Outside behind tall security walls lay a tiled courtyard surrounded by flowerbeds for easy up keep and maintenance. Meanwhile outside the back garden had a pool and entertainment area along with a neatly manicured garden.

What I Learnt Doing an Interior Design Photo Shoot

I used my trusty Canon 5D MKII and bought along my Canon 16-35mm super wide angle lens. Because of the wide angle I could full the frame with as much of the room as possible. Rather than hand hold the camera I also made use of my Manfrotto tripod. As a result I was able to line up shots, move furniture around, and make sure everything lined up perfectly. Don’t be afraid to move furniture around, it’s all about the end result.

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