Graffiti Art Photowalk Around Johannesburg

This graffiti art photowalk took place in the Johannesburg CBD with a tour around Maboneng and Jeppestown. If you’ve even been curious to join a photowalk but haven’t then check out what happened at the World Wide Photowalk 2014.

Graffiti with Kid

A kid stands with graffiti behind him

While the weather was cool and overcast the graffiti art was bright and uplifting grabbing attention as we turned every corner.

Graffiti Art Photowalk Around Joburg

The walk began not far from Arts on Main with a quick detour across main road. We left the hustle and bustle of the newly renovated buildings and coffee shops and entered the complete opposite. Just on the other side builds had been left to collapse and graffiti lead the way.

Child Behind Bars

A young girl sits behind bars waiting

The walk took us along twists and turns with each turn revealing a new artwork by a talented street artist. We made our way up to an open park in Jeppestown where people had gathered for morning services surrounded by graffiti sprayed walls. Rather than go on we made our way back along busier roads. The corner shops were open and passersby posed for photos along the way. Finally the end of the World Wide Photowalk 2014 came as we reached the newly done up cafe’s and boutiques of Maboneng.

Building Design & Graffiti

Old rocket factory being converted

What I Learnt at the Graffiti Art Photowalk

My favourite Canon 5D MKII and Canon 24-70mm accompanied me as usual wherever I go. I’ve found the combination of full frame sensor with a wide angle lens gives me plenty of options on the street. Shooting graffiti art often meant wide angle shots to capture the full art piece and the surrounding environment. On the other hand the long end gave me enough flexibility. Especially relevant when it came to impromptu street portraits along the way.

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