Garden images of Beautiful Flowers and Plants

It’s time to take break and enjoy some bright and colourful flowers and plants and various other garden images. These beautiful subjects are all from my garden in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Macro shot of a Dietes flower

Macro shot of a Dietes flower

When it comes to garden images you have plenty of options available to you. Essentially whatever happens to be in season is fair game.

Capturing Garden Images

I prefer to use my macro skills when shooting plants revealing the beautiful details within. Most people only appreciate the outer appearance but inside and up close is a whole new fascinating world.

Macro shot inside a Rose

Macro shot inside a Rose

Flowers aren’t the only attractive photography subjects in the garden, leaves and tangled vines also make for great material. One of my personal favourites is of a sweet pea vine tangled up into a knot. The shallow depth of field gives it an abstract feel and the tiny details on the tip make for a great macro shot.

Sweet pea Tangled

A sweet pea tangled in a knot

What I’ve Learnt Photographing in the Garden

Take you time, there’s no need to rush. One of the great things with garden photography is that flowers and plants don’t move around a lot, unless there’s wind. This makes taking macro photography shots of them much easier and lets you use a tripod for nice crisp, sharp images.

Due to it’s easy access anyone with any camera can capture amazing photos in the garden. I have used a combination of a Canon 400D and a Canon 5D MKII for most of my work in the garden. I prefer to use my macro skills for flowers so rely on a Canon 100m macro lens but any lens would do depending on the subject. Wide angles could work well for flower beds all the way to telephoto lenses for hard to reach places.

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