How to Edit Video with Lightroom for Colour Grading

Learn how to Edit Video with Photoshop Lightroom in the latest tutorial. This quick and easy tutorial will take you through the basics of editing videos from making changes to exposure and colour grading.

Edit Video with Lightroom

While Lightroom isn’t a full fledged video editing program and so doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles it does lend some of it’s image editing talents to the world of video. First thing you’ll notice is that you don’t use the Develop module like you do when editing photo’s. In fact you’ll get a error if you try open a video in the Develop module so skip that. Instead you’ll make all your changes via the Quick Develop controls found in the Library module.

There is a problem with Quick Develop controls. They don’t have all the functionality you might be used to in the Develop module. It does however feature some of the fan favourites you’ve come to expect. For one thing it lets you make use of Lightroom’s famous Presets. Any Preset applied is done live so you can play video as you make changes and instantly see the result. Another great thing about Presets is that you can jump straight in with common colour grades to give signature looks.

Then there are the manual controls to adjust things like exposure, light and dark etc. These allow for smaller, fine grain, adjustments in 1/3 to 1 stop increments. This gives you more control over the end result and is great for correcting common video problems that just require a little tweak here and there.

Video Tutorial

Take a look at the video tutorial below or on YouTube that shows you how to edit video as explained above. Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss another video tutorial like this one.

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