Find out all about the latest photography events and photowalk’s taking place around Johannesburg, South Africa. Here’s you’ll find new posts for every event I take part in showing what happened and photos from the event.

Along with various photowalk’s and events I’ll also post about different creative experiments done around the house from macro shoots to fun outbursts of creativity.

I’ve also been working on my videography so expect to find news videos of various photography events and photowalk’s. I’ll be working on short films and other creative projects so if you know of any photography events around be sure to let me know.

Fireworks behid Chinese Flag

The Roar of Fireworks at Chinese New Year 2014 or the Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year 2014, or year of the Horse, celebrations were held in Cyrildene. The closed off street had...

Flower Macro

Garden images of Beautiful Flowers and Plants

It’s time to take break and enjoy some bright and colourful flowers and plants and various other garden images. These...

Grasshopper Feeding

Remarkably Detailed Macro Photography of Insects

Getting into the world of macro photography of insects and various bug eyed beauties. These photo’s include the usual from...

Grey Horse

Beautiful Pictures of Horses at a Dressage Training School

A collection of photos taken on a sunny day spent at the Kinvara Equestrian Centre in Kyalami. Kinvara is known...

Temple with Wishing Tree

Visiting the Temple for Chinese New Year 2012 or the Year of the Dragon

The Nan Hua Temple in Bronkhorstspruit was the place to be for the Chinese New Year 2012 celebrating the year...

Skateboarder on Edge

Skateboard Photography for World Wide Photowalk 2012

It was that time of year again with photographers around the world ready for the annual World Wide Photowalk 2012....

Mine Shaft Equipment

My Exciting First Photowalk in Johannesburg

Join me on my first photographic tour through the streets of South Africa as part of the World Wide Photowalk...