Find out all about the latest photography events and photowalk’s taking place around Johannesburg, South Africa. Here’s you’ll find new posts for every event I take part in showing what happened and photos from the event.

Along with various photowalk’s and events I’ll also post about different creative experiments done around the house from macro shoots to fun outbursts of creativity.

I’ve also been working on my videography so expect to find news videos of various photography events and photowalk’s. I’ll be working on short films and other creative projects so if you know of any photography events around be sure to let me know.

Nizamiye Turkish Masjid Sunset

Turkish Mosque Visit and Sunset Photo Walk

This photo walk took us to the Madhya Kailash Temple and the Turkish mosque called Nizamiye Turkish Masjid which were...

Engulfed in Fire

Firebreathers and Dancers Set the Night Ablaze

The Joburg Photo Walkers were kept mesmerized by a team of firebreathers and dancers on a chilly evening. See how...

Fire Breather

Street Photography at the Johannesburg Instawalk

It was time for street photography at this years annual #WWIM13 Instawalk which took place in the Joburg CBD. We...

Picture frames from Rosebank Rooftop Mall

Photowalk From Rosebank Mall to Surrounding Heritage Sites

The photowalk organized by Kameraz in Rosebank Mall saw a lazy Sunday afternoon tour of the neighbourhood. The walk took...

Chinese Lanterns

In the City for Chinese New Year 2016 or Year of the Monkey

It’s that time of year again when Chinese New Year 2016 lights up the night sky with a volley of...

Kitchen & Living Room

Interior Design Photo Shoot of a Renovated Melville Home

This interior design photo shoot was for Afroglam Interior Design & Project Management. Based in Johannesburg, South Africa they had...

Man Leading Dragon Dancers

Photographing in the Rain at Chinese New Year 2015 or Year of the Goat

The normally bright and colorful Chinese New Year 2015, or year of the Goat, event had to contend with the...

Turkish Masjid

The Nizamiye Turkish Masjid is the Biggest Mosque in the Southern Hemisphere

Another afternoon spent with the Joburg Photo Walkers at the Nizamiye Turkish Masjid in Midrand. We spent the afternoon taking...

Graffiti with Kid

Graffiti Art Photowalk Around Johannesburg

This graffiti art photowalk took place in the Johannesburg CBD with a tour around Maboneng and Jeppestown. If you’ve even...

Colourful Windows

Exploring a Derelict Building in Johannesburg

See what happened on a chilly winter morning spent taking photo’s of a derelict building in Johannesburg. As always the...