2016’s Top 5 Photography Videos I Recommend

While 2016 wasn’t a great year in many respects it did serve up some gems in terms of photography videos. Here is my list of 2016’s top 5 photography videos that have inspired me to try new things.

2016's Top 5 Photography Videos

Looking for 2016’s Top 5 Photography Videos

When it comes to photography it’s easy to get bogged down in the usual day to day stuff. As a result I’ve decided to look for inspiration and share it with you in the form of my first ever Top 5 list. Take a look at my choice of 2016’s Top 5 Photography Videos.

No. 5 – Doing Good by Helping Rescue Dogs

Lets start off by doing some good with this wonderful video about a photographer Helping Rescue Dogs Look Their Best. Rather than chasing money this photographer set out to help some canines in need and had some fun in the process.

No. 4 – Social Media gets a Reality Check

My number 4 pick of 2016’s top 5 photography videos goes to The Truth Behind Social Photos. We’ve all seen those surreal photos on social media but do we really know whats going on behind the scenes? This funny short video sheds some light on what it takes to be popular as a photographer today.

No. 3 – Learning From the Past

Go back in time and see 100 Photographs: The Most Influential Image of All Time according to Time magazine. Because if you want to move forward you have to know your past.

No. 2 – 3D Printing for the Masses

My number 2 pick in 2016’s top 5 photography videos goes to the 3D Print Your Own Camera Lens video. Why not get your hands dirty and custom make you own lens? Thanks to modern 3D printing technology you can.

No. 1 – Going Small Goes Big

At number 1 is my favourite photography subject, macro photography. Because it’s a skill I have yet to master and this Microscopic Macro Photography video shows you just how difficult it is when photographing these tiny creatures.

This list of photography videos was brought to you by 15 Minute Fun, take a break and have some fun. While you’re waiting why not go see some more photography videos at 15 Minute Fun.

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